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sue hadwen

My love of competitive endurance running (from 5K’s to marathon) led me to pursue a career in fitness. After qualifying as an England Athletics Run Leader, I learned how important it is to build resilience with cross training and strength and conditioning work for a more balanced and robust body. Now as a Personal Trainer, it’s my pleasure to help others achieve their fitness and well-being goals.

As a level 3 Personal Trainer, I use training techniques to build functional fitness – fitness that will support you to live the life you choose. Whether its rehabilitation from illness or injury, future-proofing your body from ageing or working towards specific strength or athletic goals, fitness that is functional for you will be specific and you’ll want a tailored approach for your needs. 

If aesthetic goals are your focus, we can build a program including diet and nutrition to help transform your body. So if you’re looking for help getting started, or want to take your training to the next level, I can support you with the consistency you need for the results you’re after.


My specialisms include:

Run coaching (England Athletics – Leadership in Running Fitness qualification)

Spin Classes (NASM – AFFA G.E.A.R. Indoor Cycling Instructor Certificate)

Nutrition for Health and Performance (Optimum Nutrition – Certificate in Nutrition)

Bespoke High Intensity Interval Training

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