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Exclusive Gym Membership

gym membership



Per Week
£1.78 per day

What's Included...

Experience the unparalleled exclusivity of our private gym membership, available for a limited number of individuals. With limited opening times, we ensure an intimate and focused atmosphere for your workouts.


Immerse yourself in a serene and uncrowded environment, free from the overwhelming presence of large membership numbers. Our commitment to exclusivity means that only a select few individuals are granted access, avoiding overcrowding and preserving the tranquil ambiance of our facility.


For just £12.50 per week (£1.78 per day), you can enjoy the privilege of belonging to our exclusive gym. Limited membership guarantees that you have ample space and unhindered access to our top-of-the-line equipment and facilities.


Join our elite community and embrace the scarcity of membership in our private gym. Elevate your fitness journey in an environment that prioritizes your comfort, privacy, and dedicated attention. Act now, as opportunities like this are rare and highly sought after.

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