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Justine Seaney

As a competitive bodybuilding athlete, a recent Masters graduate in Sport & Exercise psychology and years of clinical experience in psychiatric care, I understand the importance of exercise and fitness and how it compliments psychological well-being. I strongly believe these two go hand in hand. I help my clients build a good relationship with their bodies, with food and with themselves 


Through my personal training and online coaching I help my clients achieve a sustainable lifestyle and providing the tools and the knowledge to grow outside of our sessions. 


Whether you’re ready to make a change or even contemplating it please do get in touch and we can talk about achieving your goals 



  • Sport and Exercise Psychology MSc

  • Level 2 Fitness instructor

  • Level 3 Personal trainer

  • Psychology Bsc


  • Hypertrophy/ body recomposition

  • Weight loss/ fat loss 

  • Glute development

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