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silver Plan




Per Week
£31.25 per Session

What's Included...

Experience the benefits of group training with our 2 weekly sessions led by a dedicated Personal Trainer. Each group session consists of a maximum of three members per trainer, ensuring personalized attention and guidance.


To kickstart your fitness journey, we begin with an Initial Fitness Assessment that allows us to track your progress effectively. Additionally, our trainers will provide Nutritional Guidance and suggest a meal plan to help you stay on track with your goals.


Our Program Guidance is tailored to your individual needs and goals. You'll work closely with your trainer to achieve the desired results. In our private studio, you can enjoy a more exclusive and focused environment, without the overcrowding often found in commercial gyms.


To optimize your training and minimize the risk of injury, it is crucial to learn how to perform movements correctly. Our trainers will provide expert guidance, ensuring you execute exercises with proper form.


For accountability and progress tracking, we schedule check-ins every four weeks. These meetings allow you and your trainer to review your progress, make any necessary adjustments, and keep you motivated throughout your fitness journey.


Join us today for an effective and supportive group training experience that focuses on your individual goals and ensures you receive the attention and guidance you need.

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